Audio Lectures

Tune in and listen to NBTI physicians discuss their advances in research and treatment options.

Brain Tumor Clinical Trials at Northwestern (Air Date: 11/22/2011)
In this podcast, Sean Grimm, MD, will explain what a clinical trial is and its associated phases. He also will identify what types of clinical trials are for patients with brain tumors at Northwestern Memorial and will discuss the advantages of enrolling in one.
Brain Metastases: There is Hope (Air Date: 1/11/2010)
NBTI radiation oncologist Minesh Mehta, MD, discusses the significance of a brain tumor diagnosis and why many patients have reasons to hope for long-term survivorship. In addition, Dr. Mehta addresses advances in technology, medication and clinical trials.
An Update on the Treatment of Brain Tumors (Recorded 4/28/2009)
NBTI co-Director James Chandler, MD, discusses novel surgical and medical therapies for both benign and malignant disease.
The ABCs for Primary Brain Tumors (Recorded 4/14/2009)
NBTI co-Director Jeffrey Raizer, MD, discusses medical approaches to treating brain tumors and navigating the healthcare system.


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