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Orin Bloch, MD

Dr Bloch
Clinical Specialty and Programs

Neurological Surgery
Cancer Immunology Interest Group
Gamma Knife
Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute
Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center

Diseases Treated

Brain tumors, benign
Brain tumors, malignant
Head and neck cancers
Pituitary tumors
Spinal cord tumors

Hospital Affiliation:
Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Site of Fellowship:
University of California, San Francisco, CA

Site of Residency:
University of California, San Francisco, CA

Medical School:
University of California, San Francisco, CA

Publication Listing:
Publication and Abstract listing...

Orin Bloch, MD, is a neurosurgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurological Surgery and is affiliated with the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute.

Dr. Bloch specializes in the treatment of patients with skull base and spinal cord brain tumors.

He has received numerous awards from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and the Congress of Neurological Surgeons for his clinical and laboratory research in neuro-oncology. His laboratory is funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health.


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