Mathematical Neuro-Oncology
Kristin Rae Swanson, PhD

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Dr. Swanson's lab specializes in the mathematical modeling of pathological biosystems - specifically gliomas. She is currently working within the Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute on several collaborative projects utilizing both clinical and experimental imaging techniques such as MRI and PET.

The focus of her research is on:

  1. predicting patient-specific tumor growth
  2. seeking patient-specific markers of tumor progression
  3. identifying predictors of response to therapy in individual patients.

Gliomas are diffuse and invasive brain tumors with the nefarious ability to recur despite extensive surgical resection. Chemotherapies are also seldom successful due to hindrance by the intricate capillary structure of the blood brain barrier. Based on a simple mathematical model of glioma growth and diffusion, we developed a model incorporating information regarding tumor polyclonality and brain tissue heterogeneity to track the spread and control of malignant gliomas.

Click here for additional information and updates on Dr. Swanson's research.

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