Palliative Care Program
Palliative care focuses on improving the quality of life of patients and their families facing life-threatening illness. It is an interdisciplinary team approach to alleviate physical, emotional and spiritual suffering, at any stage of illness.

The Palliative Care team can help patients and their families:
  • Manage troubling symptoms (such as pain, fatigue, shortness of breath or nausea)
  • Clarify personal questions, goals and wishes with respect to medical care
  • Provide added support in coping with the patient's illness and treatment
Because palliative care is an integral part of the overall treatment plan, it can occur at the same time as all other treatments for your illness and does not depend upon the course of your disease. Our dedicated physicians, nurses, social workers, pastoral counselors, and other healthcare professionals will work closely with your medical team, as well as members of the Supportive Care Program.

To learn more about the Palliative Care Program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital or to schedule an initial appointment, call Linda Roesch at 312-926-0001.

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